Morning Show
Oops! I Did It Again….With No Music

See what happens when you take the music out of a Britney Spears video. (more…)

Ariana Grande Wipes Out Live on Stage

Ariana Grande was performing live in Toronto and she trips and falls on stage. See how she responded to the wipe out here. (more…)

FROZEN Heads To The Farm

This video is totally worth the 19 seconds. Let it goat! (more…)

Death Anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.

Today marks the 18th anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G's death. Check out some of Biggie's most popular music videos! (more…)

The Chase That Took The World By Storm

Who knew that two llamas on the run would break the internets? (more…)

Lady Gaga Joins American Horror Story Season 5

The smash hit tv show 'American Horror Story' on FX is getting a new character for it's October season 5...Lady Gaga. (more…)

Madonna Falls While Performing At Brit Awards

Madonna trips on her cape during her "Living For Love" performance at the Brit Awards and falls off the stage! (more…)

Will Smith Raps ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song

Will Smith was on Ellen for his new movie "Focus" which opens Friday. He also had a special performance for the studio audience! (more…)

Are You Kidding Me?!

Cosmo & Whitney want to know the last time you said to yourself, "Are You Kidding Me?!" (more…)

Wheel Of Musical Impressions With Christina Aguilera

Jimmy Fallon challenges Christina Aguilera to a match of "Wheel Of Musical Impressions" and she nails it! (more…)

‘The Posthuman Project’ Directed By Columbia Native

Cosmo & Whitney spoke with local director Kyle Roberts about his new movie 'The Posthuman Project'. (more…)

Ellen Scares Justin Bieber

Justin is usually the one who pulls the pranks but this time Ellen scares the pants off him....literally! (more…)

Sounds That Annoy You

Is there a sound that makes you cringe everytime you hear it?

Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle

Watch John Legend and Common face off on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle!  (more…)

Will Smith Gets Jiggy Wit It on Letterman

Will Smith raps to his own song during his entrance on David Letterman! (more…)

Jimmy Fallon And Taylor Swift Dance Cam

Jimmy and Taylor show off their amazing dance moves on the Jumbotron! (more…)

#SNL40 Was Awesome!

Did you miss the #SNL40 Anniversary special last night? Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake started the show off with a kick butt musical number...and they were joined by some very funny special guests. (more…)

50 Shades of Grey – with Helium

We've taken some of your favorite songs on Y107 and shown you what they would sound like if they sucked helium out of a balloon first. So we decided to show you what movies would sound like too! And just ...Read More

Love Is In The Air

Cosmo and Whitney asked listeners how they meet their significant other, and their stories were so cute! (more…)

Ed Sheeran Announces North American Tour Dates

Ed Sheeran will be playing live in St. Louis at Chaifetz Arena on may 10th. He performed live on Ellen yesterday check it out here. (more…)

Fifty Accents of Grey With Jamie Dornan

While reading lines from the book, Jimmy Fallon and Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan show off their accents! (more…)

Pharrell Wins Grammy For Video of the Year For “Happy”

Pharrell Williams took home a Grammy for his video for "Happy". The video of the year category was introduced in 1984. Now you can watch every Grammy winning video. (more…)

Why Is Your Friday Awesome?

Cosmo & Whitney in the Morning ask, "Why is your Friday already awesome?" (more…)

Justin Bieber And Ellen Scare Fans

Justin Bieber was back on Ellen this week and before taping the show, they decided to have a little fun and scare fans in the women's bathroom! (more…)

“Saved By The Bell” Cast Reunites On Jimmy Fallon

While doing The Tonight Show from L.A., Jimmy Fallon reminisces about his time at Bayside High with Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie and Mr. Belding! (more…)