Morning Show
“The Rock” Sets Selfie World Record

While promoting the premiere of his new movie San Andreas, Dwayne Johnson also enshrined his name into the Guinness Book of World Records. But first, he took a selfie. Then, he took a lot more. (more…)

Christina Aguilera Impersonates Everybody

In a digital exclusive, The Voice judge Christina Aguilera does impressions of several pop stars and what they would be like if they were judges! (more…)

Taylor Swift Releases “Bad Blood” Music Video

The long-awaited release of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video finally happened Sunday, and had more star-studded appearances than the Billboard Music Awards show itself! Can you name them all before reading the answer? (more…)

Jennifer Lopez Announces Las Vegas Residency

With American Idol coming to an end, Jennifer Lopez wasted no time in announcing the next step of her career in entertainment! Following the footsteps of legends Cher, Celine Dion, and Britney Spears, J-Lo will begin a Las Vegas residency in early ...Read More

Fox Announces End of “American Idol”

Although the show has been declining in ratings for nearly a decade, it was still surprising to hear the official announcement. After next season (the 15th) of American Idol, the show will be coming to an end. (more…)

New Music Video: Ed Sheeran “Photograph”

Ed Sheeran has released a new music video for his latest radio release, called "Photograph". The video features home video of Ed growing up as a kid in England. Basically... it's the most adorable thing you'll see all week. (more…)

Shower Thoughts by Anna Kendrick

Everybody's had shower thoughts. You know... those random thoughts you have while you're in the shower? Anna Kendrick has them too. And they're the best. (more…)

Justin Timberlake Is A Giant Lime

Cinco de Mayo and tequila go together like peanut butter and jelly. So it's no surprise that Justin Timberlake has launched a new ad campaign for his tequila, Sauza 901, on one of America's favorite drinking holidays. (more…)

Miley Cyrus Has A “Pit Party”

We've heard of theme parties, but this is ridiculous. Last week, Miley Cyrus had a "pit party", where she asked a few friends to not shave their armpits, then dyed their underarm hair. (more…)

Hawkeye Parodies “Thinking Out Loud”

Jeremy Renner was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and "Hawkeye" wants you to know that even though he's surrounded by Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, his abilities are "pretty sweet" too! (more…)

Sesame Street Parodies The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is one of the most anticipated movies of 2015. People are talking about it from Hollywood to Sesame Street! The popular children's show has released a parody of the Avenger sequel called Aveggies: Age of ...Read More

Have You Ever Peed Yourself Live On The News?

There was a shooting in Greensville, MS and during a live TV interview one of the witnesses peed her pants live on TV...#WannaGetAway? (more…)

Mike Rescued From The Fry-Wagner Truck After 12 Hours

Mike spent 12 hours broadcasting live from the top of the Fry-Wagner moving truck yesterday and he was finally rescued at 7 pm by Q8 of the Columbia Fire Department. (more…)

Wake Up With Cosmo & Mike In The Morning On Y107

Welcome Mike to the morning show on Y107 as he joins Cosmo every weekday morning from 5:30am-10am! (more…)

Whitney’s Last Toodaloo!

So where to begin? (more…)

Star Wars Is Back

The trailer for 'Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens' has been released and it is pretty sweet! (more…)

MTV Movie Award Winners

Amy Schumer hosted the 2015 MTV Movie Awards Sunday night and Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron, Shailene Woodley and Jennifer Lopez were all big winners.  (more…)

Nelly Says “Not My Meth”

St. Louis rapper Nelly was arrested in Tennessee for pot and meth, police also found gun on tour bus. (more…)

Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

With the help of Jimmy Kimmel's wife, Rihanna sneaks into his bedroom and pranks him while he's sleeping! (more…)

Oops! I Did It Again….With No Music

See what happens when you take the music out of a Britney Spears video. (more…)

Ariana Grande Wipes Out Live on Stage

Ariana Grande was performing live in Toronto and she trips and falls on stage. See how she responded to the wipe out here. (more…)

FROZEN Heads To The Farm

This video is totally worth the 19 seconds. Let it goat! (more…)

Death Anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.

Today marks the 18th anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G's death. Check out some of Biggie's most popular music videos! (more…)

The Chase That Took The World By Storm

Who knew that two llamas on the run would break the internets? (more…)

Lady Gaga Joins American Horror Story Season 5

The smash hit tv show 'American Horror Story' on FX is getting a new character for it's October season 5...Lady Gaga. (more…)