Y107 Nerf Wars

Have you ever been at work or school, and thought to yourself, "I really wish I had a Nerf gun so I could go HAM!!!  Cosmo & Mike brought some Nerf guns to work the other day, and let's just ...Read More

Chase Daniel Visits Y107

Former Mizzou and current Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Chase Daniel is in Columbia for the Mizzou Black & Gold football game, so he decided to stop by and hang out with Cosmo & Whitney! (more…)

Y107 Morning Masters

It's Masters Weekend! With professional golf covering your television all weekend, Cosmo & Whitney have decided to play some unprofessional mini golf, with the winner getting a pat on the back and bragging rights. (more…)

April Fools At Y107

Were you a victim of an April Fools Day prank? If not here is a good one...wait for the reaction when she sees the camera! (more…)

Y107 Door Stack

Ever try to "door stack" as a kid? Whitney had the great idea of having Cosmo, Mike and JP attempt it. They were a little hesitant at first, but she finally persuaded them to do it. FYI, don't try this ...Read More

Have You Ever Put A Slice Of Cheese On Your Pie?

Cosmo and Mike took a trip to Denver last weekend, and while they were there, they came across a new dessert option they'd never seen before.  The menu offered a slice of pie, with cheddar cheese on top!  Have you ...Read More

Y107 Spit Takes

Have you ever made eye contact with someone, then after a few seconds, find yourself unable to keep from laughing? It's tough! Now imagine doing that with a mouthful of water.  That's what we did here at Y107, and the ...Read More

Y107 Welcomes Back Bob Costas

Bob Costas is back hosting the evening Olympic coverage on NBC, after a nasty eye infection kept him sidelined for several days.  We here at Y107 are happy to see Costas back at 100% health, but couldn't help having a ...Read More

Y107 Valentine’s Day Helium Hits

Happy Valentine's Day! Having trouble figuring out how to "set the mood"?  Y107 is here to help!  How about you play the best love songs of all time, with HELIUM! Y107's Helium Hits makes it's triumphant return, with the Valentine's ...Read More

Y107 Gorilla Tries Out For The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics have arrived, and Y107 wanted to send our official mascot to the games!  So we sent a video of the Y107 Gorilla showing off his sick sled skills to the International Olympic Committee!  Watch as he takes ...Read More

The Official Y107 Super Bowl Prediction

We don't know if you've heard, but there's a pretty big football game being played this Sunday.  It's going to be cold.  And it's a tough game to predict.  We here at Y107 were really struggling with our "official prediction", ...Read More

Y107 Office Pranks – The Exercise Ball

Not too long ago, a coworker gave Cosmo an exercise ball.  This coworker had planned on using it as part of her New Year's Resolution, but decided instead to give away this ball without even opening it!  So Cosmo took ...Read More

Y107 Helium Hits – HOLIDAY EDITION

Christmas is a time to gather with family, enjoy old memories, create new ones, and most importantly... GET LOTS OF PRESENTS! With that in mind, we here at Y107, would like to present our gift to you.  Here are Cosmo, ...Read More

Y107 $10,000 Winner

Kimberly Fox was one of 60 lucky qualifiers for Y107's $10,000 cash prize!  On December 6th, 2013 she instantly became $10,000 richer!  Watch to see what great deed Kimberly plans to do with some of the money. Congratulations Kimberly, from ...Read More

Cosmo Tells a Thanksgiving Joke

In honor of Thanksgiving, Cosmo & Whitney in the Morning would like to share with you, the greatest Thanksgiving joke in history. Happy Thanksgiving from Y107! (more…)

Y107 Golden Ticket Winners

Y107 welcomes One Direction's Where We Are Tour to Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis August 27, 2014! (more…)

JP Gets Buzzed

The Y107 staff decided JP needed a haircut.  Then they decided to do it themselves.  And not tell him about it.  You'll never feel safe around a drinking fountain again. (more…)

Y107 $5,000 Winner

Congratulations to Kaylee Kliethermes of Jefferson City!  Out of 72 qualifiers, her name was drawn as our $5,000 grand prize winner!  Check out her awesome reaction! (more…)

The Y107 Weinermobile Tour

Cosmo, Whitney, and Mike take a ride in the legendary Oscar Mayer Weinermobile! (more…)

Trick or Treat – Office Style

Watch as Spencer aka Cosmo trick or treats around the office! (more…)

Miracle Marathon Training With JP

JP trains for the Miracle Marathon, benefitting the kids at MU Women's and Children's Hospital! (more…)

Y107′s Interpretive Dance Video


Gorilla Reads “Gorilla”

The Y107 Gorilla reads the lyrics to "Gorilla" by Bruno Mars! (more…)

Y107 Helium Hits – Roar

The Y107 staff sings "Roar" by Katy Perry... with the help of some helium balloons! (more…)

Will Twerk For Food

Twerking.  On the I-70/Hwy 63 Connector. (more…)