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Kim Kardashian Mocks Herself in Super Bowl Ad

Kim Kardashian is the star of a T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad that will run this Sunday. No need to wait until Sunday though to watch Kim take selfies of herself, because the T-Mobile Ad has hit the internet early! Watch ...Read More

Sam Smith Must Pay Royalties For “Stay With Me”

One of the biggest breakthrough artists of 2014 was undoubtedly Sam Smith. But now, he's being forced to pay royalties to classic rocker Tom Petty for his breakthrough hit "Stay With Me." (more…)

Leo & Rihanna: Going Strong Since 2009?

One of the hottest rumored new couples in Hollywood has been Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna. But now, Us Weekly is reporting that the two have been close since as far back as 2009! (more…)

Sam Smith Is Back On The Market

Sad news to report, as Sam Smith announced during a concert in Toronto that he's no longer with the extra he met while shooting the video for "Like I Can". (more…)

Nicki Minaj To Perform At X Games

Nicki Minaj joins Katy Perry as another pop artist teaming up with the sports world to make big things happen! While Katy's stage is a little bigger, performing at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX, Nicki will take the main stage ...Read More

Justin Bieber To Be Roasted By Comedy Central

It's been a trending topic all day on twitter. The #BieberRoast is officially happening. Bieber confirmed the news via a retweet of Ryan Seacrest, and so far, the internet is still working. Barely. (more…)

Maroon 5: Wedding Crashers

Adam Levine and company have once again created a music video that's got people talking, but this time the comments are a lot more positive! (more…)

Zooey Deschanel Is Pregnant!

In news that no one saw coming today, New Girl star Zooey Deschanel has announced that she's expecting her first child! (more…)

The Best (And Worst) of the 2015 Golden Globes

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the 72nd Golden Globe Awards for their 3rd and final time, and did not disappoint! (more…)

Netflix Releases “House Of Cards” Season 3 Teaser

When Netflix releases Season 3 of House of Cards, it will have been 378 days since the release of the previous season. That's a long time to wait... (more…)

Justin Bieber Models Underwear For Calvin Klein

After lots of rumors floating around saying that Justin Bieber was going to be the new face of Calvin Klein, yesterday those rumors were confirmed. Bieber posted a few of the new Calvin Klein ads to his Instagram yesterday and ...Read More

Jimmy Fallon Almost Dated Nicole Kidman

Usually when we talk about things that happened on the Tonight Show, they're things that were planned. Not the case Tuesday, as Nicole Kidman shared a story about the time she visited Jimmy's apartment, and was treated to brie cheese ...Read More

Who Had The Biggest Song Of 2014?

2014 was an incredible year for music but what was the most popular song of the year? Here's the most popular songs throughout the year. Which one was your favorite? (more…)

Local High School Basketball Player Makes SportsCenter

If you hadn't heard of Michael Porter Jr before last night, you have now.  The Father Tolton high school basketball player went viral Monday night with a HUGE slam dunk. Several major sports outlets even compared to famous basketball player ...Read More

American Idol XIV Tease

American Idol returns on January 7th and this year they're doing things a little differently. They're introducing us to the top 24 before we even see the auditions! Well, they're kind of introducing us to them. Check out this season's top ...Read More

What Did You Google In 2014?

Google's "Year in Search 2014" video is truly something to behold. Recapping some of the most searched for things on Google this past year, this video takes you on an emotional roller coaster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVwHCGAr_OE

Apple Tugs On Heart Strings

Is this room dusty? I just, I just have something in my eye...I'm fine. Over the weekend Apple released a new commercial that'll bring you to tears. The description on Apple's YouTube page says, "With a Mac, iPhone or iPad ...Read More

American Idol: A Look Back

We are quickly approaching the Season 14 Premiere of American Idol. Yesterday American Idol released this teaser of the premier to get us all excited. (more…)

Ed Sheeran Performs In Studio with Ryan Seacrest

Ed Sheeran is everywhere. A world tour. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. And On Air With Ryan Seacrest. If you missed it on Y107 Monday evening, here's Ed performing his new song "Thinking Out Loud" in studio with Ryan. (more…)

So How Awesome Was Pop Music In 2014?

Every year DJ Earworm pieces together his "United State of Pop" mashup and this years cut, "United State of Pop 2014 (Do What You Wanna Do)" is absolutely amazing! Here's the list of artists & songs used in this years ...Read More

2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

We're a week away from the Victoria;s Secret Fashion and we couldn't be more excited! They've finally reveals all of the artist that are going to be playing the show this year and here they are! We couldn't be more ...Read More

Y107 Turkey Bowling

Who's the best bowler on the Y107 staff? It's not who you think! (more…)

The Park Is Now Open

Today we got our first look of what the new Jurassic World movie will look like. "Hold onto your butts" everybody, here we go. Post by Jurassic Park. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0YWRXJsMyM

Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Perform On SNL

Watch Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars perform "Uptown Funk" on Saturday Night Live. It's soooo good! (more…)

Pitch Perfect 2 Is Coming Soon!

We missed them when they were gone! But now, finally, the first preview for Pitch Perfect 2 is out! Take a look! (more…)