Cosmo & Whitney in the Morning

Posted by cosmo on May 15, 2008

Monday-Friday 5:30AM-10AM

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I am a St. Louis native and have lived in CoMo for 14 years now with wife Kristen and kiddos Emma and Cole

The Cardinals, Blues, Tigers, CC Cougars and Rams are my favorite sports teams and you always have to cheer for a 99 back flip on Sundays.

Get me in my kayak on a river or lake and I am in heaven. I also love playing softball, racquetball, paintball and some golf. We have a new to us pop-up camper and can’t wait to do some camping this summer.

Love cheeseburgers and Chicago style hot dogs

When it comes to TV, I break the DVR on Justified, First 48, Sons of Anarchy and can’t wait for the return of 24!

Favorite number 74…look for it, it is everywhere.


I’m from St. Louis, and got my start in radio by attending the Broadcast Center in STL.

I once had a radio job near Chicago, and during my time there, developed an understanding of Cubs fans, and now no longer hate them.

Avid St. Louis Blues hockey fan, and very superstitious during the playoffs.

At the age of 2, I fell down the steps of the trailer home I was living in. So yes, I DID hit my head as a child.

I’m a skilled parallel parker.

Not a skilled dancer.

Favorite quote, “Let people say what they want. Results speak for themselves.”

Cheeseburger and chicken wing connoisseur.

I once tried giving up playing my Playstation for 40 days, but was unable to do so.

I like corny jokes, and those “Most Interesting Man In The World” beer commercials.

If I was stranded on a deserted island, and could only have one thing, it would be a boat, so I’d no longer be stranded on a deserted island.

I would rather the temperature be 100 degrees than 0 degrees.


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